Hi Toastmasters & Friends

Thank you for being a part of my life’s journey through the years.
One of the strategic moves, I made 27 years ago was to have become an active member of Toastmasters International. It changed my personal and professional life forever. Let’s talk One-On-One and look at a few highlights of my amazing journey which has prepared me to serve on the Toastmasters International Board of Directors:
First Council Governor Education & Training and founding member of the Caribbean Council of Toastmasters (now District 81)
District executive leadership 2005-2012. District Governor 2010-2011. Still serving District 81 which is multicultural with over 25 Sovereign States
Executive leadership – pursuing dual careers in Education & Financial Sectors – over 30 years
Chairman and member of different boards – formulating strategic direction; making policy decisions

Branch Manager, Chancellor Insurance Agency – coaching and mentoring diverse teams
Branch Manager, Chancellor Insurance Agency – coaching and mentoring diverse teams
Church Ministry Leader – training and equipping individuals to realise their goals
Community Initiatives - building people with focus on millennials
Cultural adaptability and diversity – teaching English, French and Spanish in foreign countries


Being an educator for over 30 years, I know the importance of putting the student at the centre of any training programme. I am therefore excited about Toastmasters Pathways Learning Experience.

As an international director, my aim is to influence policies and strategies that keep members at the heart of the Toastmasters movement, thus ensuring that the Toastmasters programme helps them to achieve their ultimate goal through a high-quality member experience.
I have a passion and strong conviction about finishing as evident in the success I have experienced in pursuing graduate studies and other academic development while working. With a firm belief that we each have a unique background, I am a nurturer of the disadvantaged and energized by just being around people. So much of whom I am, is about sharing my life with others.
I ask for your support on my campaign to be the International Director Region 8, 2018-2020, in order to continue serving you and our fellow members at a higher level. 
"Proven leader and communicator with a passion to serve others throughout her career as a Toastmaster, business professional and community builder."


To be an international agent helping to preserve and expand the mission and commitment of Toastmasters International to deliver on its brand promise to enhance global mastery of communication and leadership skills development in their varying forms


To support the 2015 Strategic Plan towards accomplishing the goals of: club excellence; member achievement and awareness; engagement and participation.


To continue serving my fellow members as an effective team builder, mentor and influencer.





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